That Podcast In Hutch - Episode 4

Heidi Unruh shares her daughter's 10-month experience with "long" Covid

This week, I sat down with Heidi Unruh, who’s daughter Elise has been dealing with the effects of “long” Covid for the past 10 months.

I felt privileged to have this conversation with Heidi. It’s a very personal look into a family’s life, as they deal with the very real challenges - physical, emotional, and spiritual - they’ve had thrust upon them. Aside from the health challenges with Elise, they’ve also had to navigate a healthcare system that is a proverbial labyrinth of bureaucracy and barriers. Heidi was open and frank in sharing her story, and for that I was very thankful and honored.

Part of the reason I wanted to visit with Heidi was because I think it’s important to remember that under all the differences of opinions, under all the rhetoric, and under all the discussion about the public response to Covid-19, there are real people whose lives have been altered, and who are dealing with this pandemic in ways some of us could never imagine.

I think you’ll enjoy this conversation with Heidi, and like me, gain some insight into some of the struggles few of us have had to deal with firsthand.

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