That Podcast in Hutch - Fair Time

Former Hutch News reporter Amy Bickel walks us through the Kansas State Fair

First, thanks to everyone who listened to, liked, shared, and offered feedback on the first episode of That Podcast in Hutch. You all have been very helpful and supportive, and I really appreciate that.


The Kansas State Fair returns to Hutchinson this year after missing a season due to the Covid-19 outbreak. There’s a great deal of excitement surrounding the fair this year, and locally I know there are a lot of people eager to get back to enjoying longstanding family traditions that are baked into the fair.

In this episode, I visit with Amy Bickel, who might be the Kansas State Fair’s biggest fan and booster. Amy and I worked together at The Hutchinson News, and each year she’d help lead the effort to plan our fair-related content and coverage. There are few people who know the ins-and-outs of the fair more than her.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Amy as much as I did. The Kansas State Fair runs from Sept. 10-19.

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